iEarsPro Recorder Features

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A professional recorder with tons of advanced features, simple to use. Can be used for interviews, meetings, audio memos, idea record, etc.
Features list:
Voice activated recording (aka. VOA or VAR), sensitivity and threshold can be set by dB;
Background record and replay, which means we can keep recording or playing when you check the message, browse the web, screen off or even device locked;
Record auto pause when it is interrupted by incoming call, alarm, etc, and then resumed automatically when the call or other interruptions ended. (In iOS 5.x devices, the record will not resume until you call the application to foreground);
Record pause and resume;
Fast forward and rewind when playing;
Audio clips/files can be arranged by the recording date automatically;
Audio clips management and WLAN sharing function;
Audio replay can be switched between the earphone and speaker;
Dashboard to display the real time audio level;
Tips screen to display the status and tip

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