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A. WIFI file sharing not enabled by default, please goto config window and enable it if needed.

B. You can upload or delete medias or watermark images via WIFI sharing.

C. Switch front and rear camera on the fly is not supported in 1080P mode, because no device's front camera support 1080p by now. In iPhone 4s and newer devices, 720p,540p etc. modes supports switch camera in recording;

D. Watermark image must be PNG format and file size smaller than 800K.

E. More effects mean more power consumption, device may get warmed or running out battery fast. Set lower video quality if you do not concern with it.


Q: Do u have suggested devices that can run iCorderPro smoothly?
iCorderPro implemented some powerful features, so it will need more CPU & GPU Performance. Generally, a dual core Axx CPU device could be ok.
Here is the detailed device list we have tested:
iPod touch 5;
iPhone 4S , iPhone 5, iPhone5C, iPhone 5S;
iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad mini, iPad 4
And all future I-devices.

Q: Why the pause button does not response to touch?
A: The pause function need the dual-core CPU to work, so it is disabled in the devices in iPhone 4, Ipad 1, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and previous generation

Q: Why I get fuzzy/slow video?
A: If your device is iPhone 4s, iPad2 or more recently devices, just try to change the Auto focus settings (Thanks for AlexanderCarpenter from US.), if you use older idevices, DO NOT USE THIS APP.

Q: Why not support front camera?
A: From version 1.20, We added front camera support and can be switched from front to back camera and vice versa in recording.

User Tips

 How to make your own image watermark

iCorderPro has some built-in image water mark, but it is not enough.
To make your own water mark:
Step 1, draw or find your favorite picture;
Step 2, process the image to fit the application requirements via Photoshop or other utilities. THE IMAGE SIZE MUST SMALLER THAN 600 by 600 in pixels.
It supports many formats but PNG FORMAT RECO...MMENDED.
Make the image background transparent, then your video will looks clean and beautiful.
Step 3, Copy the processed image file to iCorderPro documents folder by iTunes file sharing or ifunbox. Of course, delete the water mark you don't like by this way is possible. The built-in image water mark has prefix with _wm, feel free to delete it.

How to use the digital zooming function

iCorderPro support 6x digital zooming. By default, there is a slider to zoom in or zoom out, you can also turn off this slider in settings. When "Digital zooming slider enabled" option turned off, you can perform zoom by one finger rotation gesture--put one finger on the screen, clockwise rotate to zoom in, counterclockwise rotate to zoom out, double tap to reset zooming. It cost 3 circles for zooming 1x to 6x.
Not like optical zooming in professional DV device, iDevice DO NOT have optical zooming lens, so the large digital zooming factor will lower the video quality, please take it in mind.

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